picture of seasonal flowers at the farmer's market

Midsummer flowers

picture of seasonal flowersMidsummer flowers can easily be found at the farmer’s market. Petal Passion’s bouquets can be found at the Hillsdale Farmers market from April through September. Beebalm, Crocosmia, Snapdragons, Marguarite Daisies, the tall spikes of Delphinium, Lupines and many more varieties of flowers vie for attention at one of  Petal Passion’s urban garden plots around this time of year.
Flowers are a sought after product at the market, many customer’s pick up a bouquet every week, and every week the composition of the bouquets differ as Mother Nature is a very abundant giver, especially in the month of July. See you at the market? I’ll have a beautiful bouquet ready for you to take home.

picture of Petal Passion's Hillsdale Farmer's market stand