Petal Passion’s Practices

Petal Passion up-cycles, recycles, and re-use whenever possible, using materials as they come along. It should go without saying that we compost our debris and we clean and re-use much of our hard ware as well. Most vessels, vases and baskets used for wedding decor or gifts are sourced locally, often re-used and many are vintage. When purchasing flowers we strife to buy from local flower vendors, Rainforest Alliance or Veriflora certified flowers.
Many florist nowadays try to be conscientious of the environment and make such efforts.

Petal Passion however takes it a step further by growing many flowers sustainably, in underused and neglected areas in the neighborhood, to the delight of many Arbor Lodge residents.

So you can be assured that choosing Petal Passion will not only be an excellent choice for a fabulous floral extravaganza but also a thoughtful choice for the environment.