picture of yellow roses growing in alleyway

More gardening space for city dwellers.

picture of lupineRunning out of space? As a city dweller it’s easy to run out of space in your garden for al the  flowers and plants you want, need or like to grow and so sometimes gardeners tend to crowd their plants in order to save space. Although there are creative ways to integrate different varieties of plants in a tight place for a more efficient use of space, simply not giving your plants the space that they need will not be the answer to your plant cravings as over-crowding often leads to spindly growth and diseases to booth.

picture of kniphofia
picture of CosmosRather than getting frustrated about the size of you garden, there are other ways to satisfy your flower gardening cravings. Many years ago I realized I needed way more space for all my plants and seeds than I could find on my own city lot, so I started looking for places in my neighborhood that were either neglected or underused. This was not hard to do and when I saw a place that seemed to meet my criteria, I approached the owners of these spaces and explained to them why I want to grow the flowers on their properties. I do all the work of course and I make sure to keep the place looking clean and tidy, (which is important for many reasons) and then when the blooms start appearing, I harvest the blooms for my floral arrangements and designs. Usually I will leave some blooms for neighbors and bees to enjoy though. This way they benefit, I benefit, the neighborhood benfits and the bees do too. Try it and let me know how it goes. The bees will love you for it and likely your neighbors will too.

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