picture of seedtrays

March is for seeds.

For me the best time of the year is right now. March takes me inside my tiny but wonderful little greenhouse and I plant hundreds of seeds.

The system I improvised is set up with rope lights, fastened with twisty ties under a repurposed office ceiling grit, found at the Rebuilding Center at 3625 N Mississippi Ave. Such a great place to find stuff.

picture of rope lights under seed trays
Rope light for warming the soil

The rope lights keeps the soil warm enough to start many delicate seeds, the soil temperature gets up to a toasty 80F. When seeds need less heath, I stack more pieces of ceiling grit under the tray, this also brings it a bit closer to the light fixtures above the seed trays. For additional temperature control I can open or close the plastic curtains since the whole system is build in my old plastic-covered-shelves greenhouse that did years of duty before my sweet man build this  tiny greenhouse for me.

picture of the green house with plant deck
My new greenhouse with plant deck

This has been a long-wished-for-addition to my business infrastructure.

picture of inside my greenhouse
inside my greenhouse

Petal Passion has grown “organically” over many years in and around the family home. Stuff the kids outgrew, came in handy in my business. For instance an old red wagon that was handed down to my kids is now used almost daily for plant and bucket transportation.  The playroom became my studio.

picture of wagon being used for flower transport

And so the greenhouse was build on the footprint of the old trampoline that was disassembled and the parts were used in one of my garden beds.

The area under the trampoline already had housed a chicken run during the years it was in use, so it made sense to build the greenhouse in such a way that the chickens could still use the space. the deck comes apart when we need to get some of the chicken-pooped-on-soil for the gardens.

pictures of chickens pecking

Thanks to my family for supporting my flower passion for so many years already.

picture of my family