Ordering a beautiful house-plant or succulent arrangement is easy at Petal Passion. We can help you choose a single plant  in an attractive pot or arrange a  small collection of younger plants with similar needs together.
With care, plants can make a long lasting gift and in aid to that, it is helpful to know when ordering, what type of light the recipient will be able to provide for it.
Succulents love a sunny spot, Orchids prefer bright indirect light where many plants thrive. Ferns, Begonias like it a cooler.
For most plants orders we need 24 hour notice before pick up or delivery although we do keep a modest collection in stock. Other plants take a few days to order or put together.

Garden Plants

Garden Plants are sometimes available for purchase. With so many perennials to take care of, we often divide plant, bulbs or tubers. Typically during Spring and Fall, so this is an excellent time to come by the studio. Best to call Marianna at #503 453 0912 and find out what has been dug up and offered for sale.


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