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Vases, Vessels and Baskets

Petal Passion offers a large collection of vases, vessels and baskets for gift deliveries, bouquet club and event decor.

 Unless you specify a vase of your choice, we will use a generic glass vase variety that suits the flower choice. Our vessels are new or like-new. Round vases are more economical, square vases are a little extra.

We have a large stock of recycled and previously used vases or baskets  at Petal Passion that tend to be our vessel of choice for most arrangements but  we also offer new, market sourced vessels, just let us know if that is what you prefer. Besides our own stock of new vases, we’re only ten minutes from Portland flower market where a large selection of floral design items are readily available to us.

Vases and vessels for events

are rented at different rates depending on the style and size for weddings or corporate events.

Styles for autonomous as well as eclectic decor are available. All rentals are for a one week period unless otherwise stated.

In addition to the rental fee a refundable security deposit equal to the value of the vase/vessel is required.  Rentals should be returned to Petal Passion undamaged and rinsed, before the end of the rental period, at which point the security deposit will be returned to you.

Petal Passion’s Treasure Trunk

Vessels sourced from Portland’s thrift-stores and the likes, offer customers an opportunity to find their own shabby chic vase, have it filled with Petal Passion’s flowers and than have Petal Passion deliver it your loved one.

Let us create a unique and beautiful arrangement with our sustainably grown flowers in one of these equally sustainably sourced vessels.  All vessels are thoroughly cleaned and brought back to their former glory. Keeping in mind that some may have a vintage quality, they are scored in overall quality with a 5 star system.

*****perfect condition

****next to perfect

***slight damage in inconspicuous place

**nicks and/or slight cracks

* cracked, needs saucer to function.

Click on the picture of your choice for price and rating.

Call # 503 395 4532 or email marianna@petalpassion.net

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