Bouquet at City Grill

Bouquet Club Options

The sizes in the following menu are averages and are only for the purpose of relating the different options. Because of the wide variety in types, size and price of our vase collection, it is impossible to make every bouquet the exact size. The shape, exclusivity, price and quality of the vessels play a role in the design and final size. Of course using more exotic/expensive flower varieties often mean the overall design is a little smaller.

  • sample of grand boquet
    Grand bouquet with Lilies, Freesia, Irises and larkspur.

    Our Grand Bouquets
    are real show-stoppers in their oversized abundance. They are appropriate in f.i. a lobby where they greet customers; or it could function as a generous splash of color next to the lectern or speaker at a conference setting. These bouquets can be round, or one-sided if desired and are designed to be appreciated from a little bit of distance.
    The vases for the Grand-memberships are on average approx. 12” high with a 4” opening so the final bouquet tries to be about 2.5’- 3’ high and approx. 1.5’ – 2.5’wide.
    $80 per delivery with a minimum of 3 deliveries.

  • Large Bouquets
    are a little  smaller in size than the Grand  selection in either height or width of the vases used. These round designs are  appropriate for a central place and are typically created on 9”-11” vases. It also could be a one-sided, taller bouquets for an arrangement that  will be viewed primarily from one side but needs  to be larger than our Medium  selection. $55 per delivery with a minimum of three deliveries.

    Sample of large bouquet
    Large bouquet with gladioli, Roses and Curly Willow.

    2013-08-19 10.11.49
    Large late summer bouquet with Bells of Ireland, Asters, Alstromeria, Cosmos, Eryngium, Millet, Hops and Delphinium.
  • Medium size bouquet
    dimensions would fit well on a typical side table. These arrangements are usually one sided and are perfect for an office, powder room, living room or hallway display. If so desired they can also be a round design on a somewhat smaller vessels. $35 per delivery minimum of three deliveries.
sample of medium Fall arrangement
Medium, one sided Fall arrangement with Lilies, Dahlias, Goldenrod, Pokeberry and more.
Sample of medium size bouquet
Medium, one-sided arrangement with Roses, Safari Pods, Hypericum Berries and Quince Blossoms.
  • Small bouquets
    come in sets of three. These little gems are perfect for restaurant tables, bathrooms, desks, or bedside stands and any other forgotten little spot that seems to only collect dust and clutter. What better way to deal with these trouble spots than to put one of these bold little beauties in place to ward off the clutterers? Small size bouquets are designed to be viewed from up close.
sample small size arrangment.
Small table arrangements with Cosmos, Euphorbia and Fern greens.

A set of three starts at $35 for the first set, six for $60, 10 for $90. For larger quantities call me and we’ll make a deal.

Try a few bouquets: Let Petal Passion deliver a beautiful, unique, and environmentally responsible bouquet to your home- or office doorstep on a weekly bi-weekly or monthly basis. To give you a taste of our Bouquet Club Membership we offer the first series of four (medium) bouquets for $100. That is only $25 each! with a minimum of 8 bouquets.
Regular delivery starting at $35 each for medium size arrangements.

Email or call 503 395 4532 and schedule your seasons of affordable flower deliveries as soon as next week.

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