Bouquet Club

Flowers usually have an immediate, positive effect on just about everybody; people smile, they pause and often comment when seeing a bouquet of flowers. Floral arrangements radiate happiness, excitement, abundance and so they naturally express a warm welcome to any place.

sample arrangement with Agapanthus

A weekly arrangement does not only provide a stunning focal point for your office or home but our corporate customers find they also function very well as easy conversation starters for waiting patients or clients.

Members only pay for the flowers and labor; the vessels are on loan from Petal Passion and picked up at next delivery.

We also can work with your vases, if you would prefer that option.

Bouquet Club deliveries are on Mondays or Tuesdays and are *free!* in most of the Portland metro area. A discounted delivery fee applies for outer-lying areas.


Sign up for a Petal Passion Bouquet Club Membership now so your staff, your customers, your Mom, a dear aunt, a friend or you yourself can begin to enjoy all the good energy that fresh flowers bring about in people.

Click here for Bouquet Club Options.

Email or call 503 395 4532 and schedule your seasons of affordable flower deliveries as soon as next week.

DSCN3071DSCN30602013-08-19 10.11.49DSCN3084late summer arrangementDSCN3060


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