Merry May Medley

Peonies and Lambs Ear from the garden
White Delphinium, Anemones, Calla Lilies, Snow Ball bush and the beautiful pea-like panicles of the American Yellowwood tree, makes an Impressively grand Spring bouquet.
A collection of Stock, Allium, Delphinium, Roses and Lady’s mantle make a lovely arrangement.
Mathiola, Peonies and bare huckleberry branches.
Subtle play of shades between the light blush Lilac and large white Hydrangeas.
Bouquet for a May Bride.
Merry medley of May bloom.
Petal Passion grown flowers combined with exotic Orchids in green.
Petal Passion grown Bleeding Heart making things interesting with these Rose and Snapdragons from the market.
Tulips, Clematis,Columbine, Anemones, Lilac and more.
Yellow Roses
Bright yellow Roses from the market offset by soft silver shades of Lambs Ear and spruced up by a touch of Kerria Japonica, bot from the May garden.
Bleeding heart and pink Lilacs and blue Delphiniums, nicely playing together to highlight beautiful Roses.

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I am a florist and urban flower farmer, I grow my flowers sustainably in underused and neglected areas in my North Portland neighborhood. I make floral designs for all sorts of occasions and also peddle flowers at the flower market.

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